Saturday, December 15, 2007


My migraines are coming back. Could they be work related? Not that my job is stressing me, but that every time I work I get them. I know I'm losing lotsa sleep because my daughter has decided SHE doesn't want to sleep all night anymore. At two weeks old she was sleeping through the night, NO MORE! Now she actually gets up no less NO LESS!!! than three times a night... Daddy and I try to alternate nights, but sometimes he has to get up at 5 and I feel bad making him get up. She gets up sometimes and goes right to sleep after a bottle, but there are nights that she stays up. She tries to get to Daddy and Little Man and wake them up...and she stays up for an hour or so, falling asleep just ten minutes before my alarm goes off. It's torture. And of course when I get outta work I can't sleep because I have to try to clean and stuff...even though I do sometimes end up falling asleep with both of them.
There are certain things stressing me the hell out that I can't write about right now because Daddy is walking behind me back and forth and I know his eyes are travelling to the screen...not pertaining to him directly but having to with with stuff...
The babysitter is stressing me out. In just three short weeks that I have been working she has managed to reverse the potty training that I worked so fucking hard for. He's been in pull-ups everyday when I go get him, and she tells me of many accidents. But she doesn't tell him to go to the potty, she just gets lazy and gets a pull-up. And I'm upset about it. Daddy says we're getting a different sitter soon.
This snowstorm stressed me out. Many inches in a short amount of time, causing complete gridlock. I got home at 8 after getting out of work at one, Daddy got home at 10:30 and he got out at quarter to twelve. I was so worried that he would run out of gas and freeze, I was so relieved when he got home. (When I was stuck I wasn't with the kids thank God, but there were people that were stuck with their kids and the kids were hysterical and going potty on themselves...nightmare) Our state was not prepared for the storm, no one told us it was going to be so big and now there is a huge thing going on with people and the governor (because the gorvernor was out of state and didn't seem to understand what kind of situation we were in and didn't call for any emergency ANYTHING. We're expecting another storm tonight, let's see how that goes.
My head hurts right now. But my son is awake and watching Little Man (with the wayans) and I can't shut it off on him because he's actually quiet...
Sometimes I think I should have not gotten a job, sometimes I think I should have gotten a full-time job,
sometimes I just want to go away.


Maria said...

Oh, hon...been there. I work freelance and sometimes it is full time, others not. But, when I am the most busy at work, it always seems to be the time when I catch a terrible cold or Liv does or the car breaks down or something.

Nothing ever happens when you are ready for it. Murphy's Law or some related strand of it.

And snow? Yup. It is snow/ice city here and I am sick to death of it.

Hang in there.

Mama of 2 said...

Hang in there Diana...I know that's easy for me to say since I am not in your shoes but I do mean it.
I have been having issues with working full time no matter how much I love the job it's tough to switch gears and while the money is needed the time a job takes away from all the things that need done ... ie laundry, cleaning, cooking, being with the kids sometimes doesn't seem all that worth it.


Tuesday Girl said...

We haven't had any snow, we will take some of yours!