Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ice Cream Question

We went for ice cream the other night. Daddy got out the car while I waited for him with Little Man...there were way too many cars out there for him to be running around while we ordered.
"So what kind do you want?"
"I want one of those big sugar cones with maple walnut and coconut. Maple Walnut on the bottom, please."
Daddy gives me a funny look. "What kind of combination is that?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Those two flavors don't even go together..."
My turn to give the funny look.
"Dude, I didn't know ice cream flavors were supposed to compliment eachother...just get the damn ice cream already!"

So my question for YOU: when you get more than one scoop of ice cream- do you get flavors that 'go together' or do you get crazy combos like me? Or do you just get boring vanilla soft serve like Daddy always does? (Unless it's chocolate dipped, I don't want vanilla, thank you!)

P.S- OTJ seems to have nominated me for some Blogger's Choice Thingy...but I have no idea what it is or what it's about or if I'm good enough to win...anyone want to enlighten me and give me some details? God knows my computer time is limited now...I need people to do the work for me.


Mama of 2 said...

My ice cream scoop combos when I do them are namely centered around chocolate and peanut butter -- my two favs really. As for them having to go together...even though mine do I don't think that they need to as long as you the person eating them doesn't need them to.

Zach & Brie's Mom said...

I usually get a double scoop of the same flavor - usually Double CHocolate Chunk or Chocolate Trinity. But I'm also an anal freak who doesn't my food to touch each other plate.

Not sure about Blogger's Choice award - here's the link for parenting blogs:

creative-type dad said...

They have to go-together. Like Joni and Cha-chi or Captian & Tennille.

sourpatchbaby said...

Maple walnut and coconut is a dream come true to me. Especially if I go to Coldstone's, where they can mix in the walnut pieces as I look. But no, I like to have something like raspberry pecan ice cream with M&M's and sourpatchbabies and sprinkles. When it comes to ice cream, I'm very very open to new experiences..

Maria said...

Ice cream can be anything you want. I never get two deckers, so I don't know personally, though.

I always get anything with the words cheesecake or strawberry in it.

And...hey...try a public library...they usually have tons of computers!

sweatpantsmom said...

I hate to be a total ice cream wuss, but I don't remember the last time I got a double scoop. By the time I get through the first one I feel like my stomach bloats out to a 6-months pregnant belly.

(The home page for Blogger's Choice is here. Type in your blog name into the search box and it should come up with your nomination and who nominated you. Good luck!)

dennis said...

I usually get two scoops of the same flavor, whatever it is that I choose.

he's right, tho. Those to flavors do not compliment each other! LOL

Rebecca said...

I NEVER match my ice cream flavors.
NEVER. You have to go for the gusto and live a little...haha. I'm SO not above having lemon daquiri on the bottom and chocolate peanut butter on the top.
How's that for a winning combination? Yummy!

Kevin said...

I haven't gotten double-scoops for years. That's just WAY too much. But when I DID get double scoops, they were always of the same flavor. It was either 2 scoops chocolate...or 2 scoops strawberry. Vanilla is saved for those soft serve cones. Then I get rainbow sprinkles.