Friday, April 06, 2007

This is what I get for lying

I have Little Daddy and Little Man driving me up a wall today. I had taken the day off work because we were supposed to head out to New Hampshire at 2, but since the events were canceled and I didn't go to work today...
Daddy wanted Little Daddy to come with us to the races since he's never been. I had already said I wasn't going to bring Little Man because it was a night event...I lied to my boss and told him that Little Man didn't have school I woke up to Little Man and Little Daddy playing nicely. And then Daddy went to go help someone with their car and their true colors came out, they are driving me nuts. I came to Friend's house right now because we're going to take the kids somewhere and let them burn some steam off and hopefully crash into a three hour nap...
I kinda wish I was at work.
I already called Daddy and told him I was about to drop Little Daddy off wherever he was and I was going to take Little Man to my sister (who is babysitting tonight) and I was going to run away. Far, far away.
Well, Happy Easter to you all that celebrate it.
May your Easter egg hunts go without disaster, and make sure you put clothes that take the grass stains like a soldier.

*OH! A complaint: Little Daddy's mother has already called three times to ask if we bought him this one pair of sneakers that she 'couldn't' buy know because her drug dealer boyfriend never has money, and she uses her welfare for drugs....I swear I swear I SWEAR I could kill her. Here we are struggling to stay afloat while she gets handouts all over the place and the child support that Daddy pays apparently never goes to the kid anyway....ugh. Mind you we bought the sneakers last night, and we actually caught them on sale.

I need a nap.


Mama of 2 said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. My house is chaos when both kids are home together. It always starts off as a nice play time but never fails to errupt into Girlie Girlie crying and Little Man trying to be the boss.

I have threatened to run far far away myself so I know of what you speak!

Iris said...

I am sending my older three far far away instead......only me and the TucMan for Easter....not a lot of fun. But, it will be quiet. Poor Tucker.....he has 6 brothers and sisters, and yet, he is alone with his mama for Easter Sunday

Maria said...

I swear that my blood pressure drops about 20 points when I am at work. I actually relax much more there than at home!

Melissa said...

I've said many times over that despite how much I love my boys, I look forward to Monday mornings!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.