Monday, April 02, 2007

Incident Reports- what an ugly word!

Zach and Brie's adventures in Daycare 90210 seem to have migrated to the East Coast, and we now have two, TWO incident reports under our belt for Little Man.
In his defense, neither was his fault. Really.
The first one happened a few months ago and I totally forgot to write about it, because i'm a horrible person who starts blogging to write about her son and FORGETS to write about her son.
Well, Little Man and some other child (who they tried to keep 'anonymous' but they forget my son can TALK and knows everyone's names and tells me EVERYTHING!) were playing with the dinosaurs. Apparently Anonymous Boy started to swing his dinosaur and hit Little Man in the face with it. And made him bleed. And cry. So I had to sign an incident report stating that I was aware of the fact that my son had to walk around with an ice pack on his face for an hour and had a small black eye because of the Anonymous Boy's batting practices. Here's the funny part: I am the mother of a toddler. I know kids swing things and throw things and hit people with things (whether on purpose or!) so I wasn't angry with Anonymous Boy, per se. BUT! I did feel the Mommy Sensors come up, the defense mechanism where someone does something to my child and I get all Incredible Hulk on them and bite their heads off. So, no anger when I signed the Incident Report, but I did give Anonymous Boy the evil eye as I hugged my baby and kissed his boo-boo. All is well with Anonymous Boy.

Friday when I picked my son up, the teacher came to me right away, something she never does. She usually just watches as my son runs to me to show me whatever they did that I knew something was wrong. I was waiting for her to tell me he threw someone off the swing or kicked someone down the slide, but then I saw my son's face. Oh my baby's face. (And don't get upset- I did take a picture, but I stupidly left the camera at home so I can't upload the pics until tomorrow!) Well, when they were walking in from the outdoor playground my son decided he wanted to race his own shadow (come on, he's an only child...) and tripped and fell flat on his face on the cement walkway. Oh boy. Ice packs and antibiotic ointment and another signature on a piece of paper that I imagine will make babies with the other Incident Report...He had scratches from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin, lips included. My heart sank, and I wanted to cry but I laughed because he started pointing at his face and saying "Mommy, I fall down outside."
Everyone that saw my son this weekend couldn't hide their reaction when they saw his face. It was that shocked "Oh my GOD! What happened!??" look, and Daddy and I would smile and say "He's Diana's SON what do you expect?" (Have I mentioned what a clutz I am? Be cause I'm a huge one.)
Right now most of the scratches are gone, they were mostly surface scratches, and all that's left is a scab on the bridge of his nose, and a scab on his lip (that he keeps picking at, but imagine how uncomfortable a scab on your lip is...I'd pick at it, too) but at least there will be no scarring. He's had a boo-boo on the same spot on his nose that the scab took like two weeks to fall off last time, but it didn't leave a mark, hopefully we'll be as lucky this time around.
Adventures in fun.


dennis said...

give 'em hell girl! when they start pushing paperwork on you make them justify every every second of your time

Maria said...

Wow. I remember once when I was at Liv's school just hanging out and watching her play at recess and she accidentally ran into a post! She had a black eye that was nearly purple. If I hadn't seen her do it, I would have been in hysterics when I saw her......

Mama of 2 said...

I so know the Incredible Hulk mamma mode! I have been there myself. As for the adventures in daycare...glad I haven't had the pleasure.

Hope Little Man is feeling better now....and might I suggest bubble wrap?