Wednesday, April 04, 2007

(What I forgot to write yesterday...)

I forgot to tell you the story from Picture Day.
The fact that good luck was written on the permission slip must have tipped them off...when I went to pick him up that day I hesitantly asked how he did. The teacher grinned, "He did great!" I thought she was joking.
She told me that at first he didn't want to sit down, and he was reaching out for the teacher, but then they started bribing him telling him he would get to go out in Daddy's car later (that's all he talks about in school, all his drawings/scribbles are Daddy's car) and that he would see Chuck-E-Rat (we haven't been there since last fall and he still talks about it.) so he sat still for the pictures.
That, and the fact that I wasn't there (I imagine) worked just fine.
You can kind of tell in the pictures that he was like "Hurry up and take the picture this is the most smile you're going to get out of me."
The one with the basket chair, he looks like he was really forcing that one, but I"m very satisfied with the pictures, I just wish they weren't so expensive. ($50 for eight sheets, and only two sheets are wallet sized, one of each pose, so distribution is going to be quite a problem....and to re-order more sheets- WOOOO DOGGY! Let's not even get into that...)

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dennis said...

Hey, at least he looked at the camera.

girl.imp manages to find 'Something of Interest' just out of line with the camera for every photo