Friday, April 27, 2007

Catching up

We've been busy, Little Man and I.

We have: Opened up an Easter Basket full of cars...that are now all over the house and I keep stepping on them. (Those candies are in the highest cupboard waiting for me to finish them off. I give him the tiny tootsie rolls like once a week.LOL)

Eaten SpongeRat ice cream in the back seat of the car...because it was still too chilly to go outside but I promised (*cough*bribed*cough*) him that if he behaved while I grocery shopped he could have one. What kind of a mother would I be if I went back on a promise???
Had a playdate with a cousin where they locked themselves in the doogy cage. They got themselves in but couldn't get out. Of course before helping them out I had to snap photos...

Mostly boring...LOL!
It's started to rain again so the trip to the park with the set of golf clubs that were also in the Easter Basket is postponed until we can see the ground again. (I live in a city built on seven hills...the bottom of the hills are covered in water. It's great *SIGH*)

Just wanted to show that I haven't killed him or myself...yet.
Believe it or not our days are getting better, less crying and screaming...and he's doing pretty good, too. When Daddy comes home he LOOKS at me, like inspecting me when he asks how it was. Funny thing is that I actually have stories to share...something funny the boy said or did, what we did, it's cool experiencing this first hand and not having the daycare teachers tell me at the end of the day. The Unemployment thing went through, should start getting paid this week coming up. I can't wait. I was balancing the checkbook and I wanted to crawl into the fetal position for a few hours...but then again rent time just passed and I have to keep reminding myself that it will be okay.
I'm sick right now, caugth whatever it was that Daddy and Little Man fought off (passed to me) from this past throat is killing me and it hurts so much to cough. I'm just trying to keep the boy away from me this weekend so he won't get it back, because he actually fought it off with no meds. (YAY!)


Maria said...

I am still amazed that you were brave enough to give the boy ice cream in the car!

I would be dead meat if I did that. I am serious. Bing gets mad if I even let Liv eat a cracker in there.

dennis said...

better watch out, you find yourself video taping little man and opening up a youtube account!!

it's good to hear that things are progressing!

Keep it up!

Lainey-Paney said...

I ditto what Maria said.
Ice cream in the car???
that's brave.

Melissa said...

So glad to read you and Little Man are doing well. He's such a cutie!

nita said...

yay! let's play!

oh, and i totally am sucked into youtube. be careful!