Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pain Relief?

So I received this product in the mail, this Freeze It stuff, that is supposed to work better than other topical pain the one with the word Gay and the name Ben in it. "Try it and see!" they said. So I did. Well, I got Friend's husband to do it for me. I don't usually get pain in my knees or joints (just my back and head), so how would I know if it really works? Friend's Hubby=Big Guy=Pain in Knees. Perfect candidate. He became my victim. I handed him the four sample packets they sent me and said "Call me after you tried them."
So he tried them, he actually needed them a few days later since he and Daddy were working on someone's suspension and there was a lot of bending down involved. (Big Guy loves cars, too! You should see his racer!)
Here's his story/testimony: (LOL!) "I put one of the packets on my knee after we worked on the car and it smelled really strong, but the smell ended up going away. The rel;ief actually came pretty quickly compared to other pain creams, and the relief lasted a while. I didn't have to reapply as soon as I would have thought I would..."
I thanked him for being my guinea pig and took his picture with the sample packets I was sent:

He wasn't shy with taking the picture at all! (And I don't know why this is underlined now...hmmmm)

And here's a commercial they have up on youtube, I thought you would want to see it:

So if you find yourself having joint or muscle pain, try this stuff, it should be hittin gthe stores soon. From my guinea pig, I hear that it works better and longer than the GayBen stuff, and the smell goes away, unlike the GayBen stuff. Try it and let me know if it also worked for you!

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