Friday, March 14, 2008

Common Courtesy VS. Pure Evil

It's common courtesy to not block an entrance when you're stopped at a red light. A driveway, a gas station entrance, whatever, right?

Well, this morning I was coming out of a gas station, with my left turning signal on, but it was a green light for traffic so I waited for the light to turn red. I was inching out as the cars were coming to a stop, and there was room for me to come out. But there was this woman, this fucking bitch of a woman with a shiny red Saab who came FROM THE OTHER LANE to block me in the goddamn gas station. I flipped out. I was screaming at her, but my window was up and she didn't get to hear all the nice colorful things I was calling her. What's evil is that right after she blocked me in, she looked at me and kinda smirked. That's actually what prompted my tirade.

People are so stupid it's unbelievable!

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