Monday, March 17, 2008


My aunt in Puerto Rico. She is this beautiful, loving, full-of-life woman who ended up with an asshole of a husband and three of the bestest children.

She is in a coma. The doctors put her into this coma so they could figure out why she is having seizures. They won't take her out of the coma. They don't think she will make it if they do.

Arrangements are being made for her mentally-challenged daughter and adopted grand-daughter (so that would make her her daughter, right?) to go live with another aunt of mine.

My mother's favorite sister, the one she was closest to growing up…she lived with her after the birth of all three of her children to help her out (this was before my mother even got married) and after moving to the US always went back every. single. summer to visit her.

She has diabetes (it runs in the family, most of the siblings have it) and she had to have both her legs cut off within the last five years.

There's something else they want to do, some kind of exploratory surgery to look in her heart…but the seizures are preventing them from doing that. My grandmother passed away during an exploratory heart surgery when I was five. History is trying to repeat it self. My mother says it's a good thing that they can't do the surgery…that way she won't go the way their mother did…but a cousin of mine that has been at the hospital says it's looking bad either way.

Fucking Shit.


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DD said...

Oh, Diana...that's scary and I know that it's tough to be far away. I'll be thinking of you and your family and that someone can provide her relief and full recovery.