Monday, March 10, 2008

My mother= the reason I think I'm incompetent as a mother

I often wonder what the hell it is that goes through my mother's head…

Little Man was crying that he wanted to stay at Grandma's house all week, so Saturday night off he went to grandmother's house. I went to pick him up Sunday afternoon and brought Ms. Diva with me so my mother could see her. As soon as I took Diva's coat off, my mother says "Oh, I see you had a bath today…and they even washed your hair."

Um….duh? I give my children baths daily, if not then at least every other day. I kept my mouth shut, but then I noticed that when my mother picked Diva up, she looked at her a little closely. "She has a beauty mark on her neck?" My mother asked me. I wrinkled my eyebrows at her, "Yeah, mom, she's had that since she was born." The beauty mark is about the size of a pea, noticeable if you look closely as it's a little faded now. What my mother did next is what killed me. She ran her finger over my daughter's neck, Mary Poppin's with a white glove-style, checking to see if the beauty mark was DIRT. Wait for it…then she smelled her finger.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I had to ask… "Mother, why did you just do that?"

She noticed my voice…she laughed.


"Just checking" she said.



Checking to see if I was lying about A BEAUTY MARK? Checking to see if IT WAS DIRT? CHECKING TO SEE IF MY DAUGHTER'S NECK SMELLED FUNKY???




DD said...

Actually, it would have been funny if it was poop and she had tasted it instead.

OK. It was still kinda funny, but I understand why that's insulting as well. Grandma's are so weird around their grandkids.

Table for Five said...

I agree, that was rude. Like your daughter would have some piece of stuck food or dirt or POOP or something on her neck and you wouldn't notice and clean it off? I can't believe she smelled her finger, that is just GROSS.

~nOe~ said...

That made me LOL coz my aunt did that to us when we were little and that would kill my mom. My mom tell stories that she even put her fingers inside our diapers to see if there was poop.
Now that she is a grandma (and has symptons of Alzheimer's) she's worse than before.
Grandmas... such weird species.