Friday, March 14, 2008

It is almost time...

My son decided that he wanted to sleep on the futon all by himself last night. I had mixed feelings about this, as this boy has slept by my side for the past 3 years, ever since that fateful day he decided he didn't want to sleep in his crib at the tender age of 6 months old. So I put the Cartoon Network on for him, tucked him in and gave him his sippy while I washed Daddy's clothes. (Those gross things get their own special laundry time….frikkin car guys and their grease.) He wasn't even asleep yet and I was checking in on him every five minutes. Daddy had Diva in the room, trying (BEGGING) to get her to sleep. At some point he did fall asleep, and I took the sippy away and made sure the couch cushions were on the floor in case he fell or something. I was nervous. Laundry finished, Demon Diva still not asleep, I lay down next to Daddy and start asking "Should I just bring him in here?" "Do you think he will get scared if he wakes up and doesn't feel us next to him?" "He'll wake the baby if he wakes up crying." "Are you listening to me???"

At 11:30 the girl finally fell asleep, after much fighting. I got up for last call to the bathroom and as I was walking back to the room, shutting lights off behind me when I hear shuffling on the floor. I look back and there was my little man, rubbing his eyes and waiting for me to move out of his way so he can go to my bed.

I smiled at Daddy.

As much as I talk shit about wanting that boy outta my bed, I still felt funny about leaving him on the futon.

And then this morning when he kicked me in the ribs for the fourth time I wished he had stayed on the futon…

But this gave me a glimpse into the future, when we finally move and he gets his own room and bed, I know he'll be coming into our bed for a while before he sleeps on his own. I just hope it doesn't take too long.



*I do want to apologize for the junk that comes up under my posts. I forget to type the 'secret code' to stop that from showing up. When you blog from e-mail, there are certain things you're supposed to do to get your posts to look normal. I'm a loser and forget to do half the things…


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