Monday, March 12, 2007

I always get the graveyard shift.

At about 4 a.m I woke to the sound of a ninety year old man coughing in my bedroom. I look around, there was no ninety year old man there...just my husband and my son sleeping soundly.
Hmmmm. That's weird.
I couldn't go back to sleep, I was wondering where the coughing came from. I listened for wheezing...none coming from either. No stuffy nose sounds. No congestion sounds. No moving around uncomfortably.
So I started racking my brain, thinking I was just going crazy, and then thinking on how much my floors needed cleaning, and then how much I hate daylight savings time because it screws everything up. Like my sleeping. And my son's sleeping. I get abck to sleep maybe an hour or so later.
Only to wake up to hear that ninety year old man again. I get up, neither of the men next to me seemed to have moved at all, and surely that coughing would have sent somene into some kind of convulsions, that was no ordinary coughing.
Then my son coughs. Hard. His lungs must have been killing him...this time the coughing didn't stop. He kind of gagged so I scooped him up and went into the bathroom. If he's going to be throwing up mucus, it's going to be on a floor I can clean easily. No throwing up mucus, but there was still coughing. I grabbed water from the fridge and offered it to him.
"No, Mommy."
I grab a juice and a Triaminic strip. He hates those strips, but it's the easiest way I can get any medicine into his system. The only way he ate the strip was with promises of him being able to eat a gummy (his vitamins) afterward...and with Daddy standing there with a no-funny business look on his face...
We camped out in the bathroom for another half an hour (the last time I gave him the strip he threw up all over the living room floor. He doesn't take well to medicine. He gets that from his momma.) before going back to bed.
He wouldn't go back to sleep. "More juice?" "Mommy, love you." "Daddy sleeping?"
At six-thirty he finally started nodding off, Daddy turned to me and said "Get some sleep, I'll stay home with him today."
Some sleep?
The alarm went off five minutes later...


Lainey-Paney said...

Sorry your little one is sick.
I hate it when our little buddy gets sick...ugh!

Tuesday Girl said...

I know those days! Hope you are all better asap!

DD said...

Poor little dude.

Poor little Mommy.

nita said...

i love that daddy is being so loving and helpful!


rio loves those strips. i've started to use them recreationally with her! hahahaha

i hope you're all feeling better...