Monday, March 12, 2007

A Phonecall

"Your son stinks."
"He gave me two very loaded diapers. Stunk up the whole house."
"(laughing) He does take after you, doesn't he?"
"(more laughing)"
Little Man gets on the phone.
"Mommy! I drink Daddy's juice."
"Oh, yeah? What are you doing?"
"With cars?"
"No. With Daddy. On the couch."
"You having fun?"
"Yesssssss. (I hear Daddy in the backround) Mommy! I love you!"
"Oh, baby, i love you too! Gimme kisses."
"(smooching into the phone) Talk to Daddy, bye Mommy!"
"Are you guys going out?"
"Na, we're fine in here."
"Has he been coughing?"
"Nope. He had lunch, ate almost all of it, too. He's fine."
"Hmph. whatever."
"See you later."

Does he only get sick around me??????


dennis said...

That was toooo funny! When they can laugh they are feeling much better!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ALWAYS this way...

Maria said...

Oh...I am just so jealous that you have a spouse who stays home when your child is sick. I want one of those!!!!

Kristen said...

I love phone conversations with Leah. On the rare occasion where he's home with her and I'm out, it makes me feel bad for even being out because she says such cute things!!