Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Okay, is today Monday or Tuesday?

I hate not being at work on Mondays, it screws up my whole week.

Daddy was up all night Sunday night thinking he was going to throw up...he never did. We wasted a day at home...

On Saturday we did get to the car wash to wash his new beloved. It was a gorgeous day out, so we called Friend and her family, we went to have breakfast and then on to the car wash...where Daddy and Little Man gave Daddy's new mistress some shine. That's Daddy's car. We call it the Christmas Tree because of the 'different' color scheme it's got going...This is the car that Little Man loves being in. He has literally cried real tears because I don't go and pick him up at daycare with the Tree. Now that I'm only driving the Tree, he is content, though he did make sure to tell me the other day "Mommy, I like your car. But I loooove Daddy's car." Daddy couldn't have been more proud.
Oh, I haven't mentioned that I haven't even driven my own car yet, huh? Yeah, the day after everything was checked and the car was finally registered and insured Selfish calls that her car broke down and she was wondering if she could borrow one of our cars for a 'couple of days' while her car was in the shop...it's been eight days. EIGHT! Daddy says he's about to let her borrow the Tree just so we can get to drive my car, I tell him not to worry about it. I'm going to have plenty of time to drive my car...but still, dude...arghhhhhhh.
So yeah-those pictures were taken with my new toy. Nice huh? I haven't taken too many pictures yet, I'm still getting to know my new baby...but they'll be coming. You guys will be sick of pictures by next month, watch.


Tuesday Girl said...

bring on the pictures!

creative-type dad said...

8 days!!! Wow, is she having the entire care rebuilt bolt by bolt?

"the tree" - that's funny

Maria said...

Eight days is one helluva long time to get a car fixed.

Jeez louise....

Mama of 2 said...

Yes that was me yelling.
8 days is ridiculous.

I am requesting a picture of your new ride since we have now seen "the tree"