Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I was called an Outstanding Mother...

Really, I was. And it was by the man who was probably thinking I was an asshole for not taking my own son to his appointment.
Last night Little man refused to eat, but not the regular refuse where he wanted something else-not what we were having, he didn't want anything. Yet, right before bed he had such an explosion in his diaper that I had thought he peed out of his butt. Yep, EEEEWWWWWWW. Right into the bathtub, lots of diaper cream and a temp check.
He still got his chocolate milk before bed, and I asked him if he had any boo-boo's. "No, Mommy..." "Does your ear hurt?" "Yeah..." Gotcha.
Morning phonecall to doc, "Bring him in at 10:45!" That girl at the front desk drinks waaaay too much coffee.
I called my sister and asked her to bring him, only because Daddy had massive deliveries to make (it's spring-lots of people working on their cars now!) and I still don't have my car.
Then my son walks into my room with wet pants. Nice.
He got stripped and thrown into the shower with Daddy. There's a nice wet spot on the futon I have to work on later, too. Fun.
Apparently when my sister told the doc that I suspected it was another ear infection (third one this year! And we're only in March!) he looked in his ears, and guess what! I was right! I'm an outstanding mother when it comes to diagnosing ear infections, but not at anything else. Hmph.
More antibiotics to play with.
He went back to daycare, he told my sister he wanted to "go to school and play." Who was she to argue? He wasn't running any fevers so he could go to school...

I used to put my mother through this when I was a kid. Ear infection after strep throat after ear infection....I had tubes put in my ears when I was three or four. I must have passed down the sick gene.


Maria said...

I think that Liv is the only kid I know who has only had one ear infection in her ENTIRE life. She gets colds, yes, but they never go in her ears.

I think I remember one of the symptoms was tugging at the ears, yes?

Mama of 2 said...

Little Man was my ear infection kid...when he started preschool he had a ton of them. So far (knocking on wood here) Girlie Girlie has only had one ear infection and it was last year this time.

Good luck with the medicine and all that.

dennis said...

man, i was almost deaf by the time I was 3. Then they figured out I was not being a stubborn brat and got me diagnosed...the rest of my childhood? ear infection city!

tubes, drugs...

I'm feelin' ya!

Anonymous said...

I had some ear infections, but my hubby had LOTS. We've lucked out with ear infections - just a few with 3 kids in 5 years.

Don't you love watch all of YOUR junk pop up in your kids? So not fun! Hopefully the good things will outweigh the bad!

Diana said...

maria-you lucky for my son, the only symptom he had was the explosion and the neon green snot, he never once touched his ears.
mamaof2- lucky girlie girl! hope she stays that way!
dennis-LOL! Wasn't it hell?
mamalee-it seems only my bad things have passed down to that boy, i swear it!