Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's nice...but not perfect

So I have found what so many of us are looking for---A REAL LIFE FRIEND.
Holy hangover batman! There are humans that like me in person!
She is awesome, we've been getting together for the past few months, and I haven't mentioned her because, well, I like her. Usually when I mention someone here is because I don't like 'em. (Much like the agents I love, they get no love here...)
I can't even think of a nickname for her...so she'll just be Friend for now. I met her through her husband, who is friends with Daddy. (Go figure. Couple friends!) They have a two-year-old son! (We may just be twins! LOL!)
Wait for it- this is Daddy's wet dream- she works in an auto parts store. She likes cars like me (well, maybe more than me) and she is funny.

So you may already be wondering why she is being mentioned here today...

And please don't stone me for this-

I don't like her son.


Their situation is different, where her hubby stays home with the baby. He had had an accident at his job that caused him to lose vision in one eye, so she works at the parts store and they don't have to pay daycare because hubby is there.(Oh, the good life, LOL!) So, granted, the kid is attached to his daddy, what boy really isn't, right? The thing that I don't like about the boy is that he is not disciplined. He hits, he throws things, he is just generally the complete opposite of my son. 'Normal two year old behavior' I have heard from other people, but I'm not the only one who thinks this little boy is out of control, others have said it. THEY have said it, Friend and her hubby, but they laugh about it. (Well, they used to. Now they're getting a little worried.)
We were at their house yesterday, and I couldn't tell you how many times I had to go get my son away from the other kid...I don't want my son to start picking up on some things this boy does.
So I don't want to give up actual real-life friends who we love just because of their son's behavior..................

***Edited to add: Yeah, I know two year olds are two year olds, and I'm not implying that my son is an angel. It's just that this kid is like the devil incarnate. He makes my son LOOK like an angel...


Oh, The Joys said...

We have really close friends and we can't stand their younger son. We try very hard (VERY HARD) to just ignore him. (But he sucks mucho!)

DD said...

Is your Friend doing anything to intervene or are you having to pull your son away each time things get hairy? If she ignores it, then you may have a problem having play dates because it's not fair that you are having to pull your son out, as if he's the one being punished.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to actually say anything to the friend w/o offending her. Of course, I'm always offensive, so I really wouldn't be much help either way.

dennis said...

I'd keep the boy away from the ice cream anyway...

Maria said...

Ugh. Have a similar problem. My bf has a daughter in kindergarten who is not just a Ramona, she is a Ramona with a really, really mean streak.

And she idolizes my Liv, a second grader.

I will watch to see your comments because I don't have any good ideas either. So far, I've just been ignoring her and hoping that she settles down as she gets older.

Mama of 2 said...

I have a friend who's daughter is a handful to say the least. She's been spoiled rotten by a mom (my friend) who is riddled with guilt at having to work full time. So she tends to give in to any and all tantrums and the little girl gets her own way all the time.

It's a difficult thing for me to handled since I am not one to deal with tantrums. I don't tolerate them not even from Girlie Girlie who is now reaching the age where she knows what she is doing.

I have a trouble being with my friend and her daughter at the same time without wanting to say something...and I do when my opinion is asked for but it's a tough call and it might end up putting a strain on this budding friendship if you can't figure out a way to address it.

Sorry I wasn't more help. Maybe someone else will.

creative-type dad said...

We have friends (or had) with a crazy toddler who turned into a crazy kindergardener...

We liked the parents, but they're parenting brought out the darkness. Or they just spawned evil.

To be fair, we do see them on occasion. Only in public places where the girl (yup! not boy) can destroy other things other than our house.

Good luck. I have no opinion (ha! that's the first!!!)

Anonymous said...

My son likes a boy from school that is a MONSTER. I've blogged about him. I will only let him hang with this creature when I am there, or my husband is.

My main concern is my son picking up on the monster's behavior. Right now he thinks this kid is funny. He's a brat that needs to learn some manners.

In your situation, I'd be frank with your friend. And limit your time with them. It's unfortunate, and most of the blame lands on the parents.

Good luck, darling!

Diana said...

OTJ- that's what I've been doing so far...and giving the boy Looks of Death when he does something near me...
DD- I'm always pulling my son away and it kills me because he always thinks he's in trouble.
dennis-you're too funny.
maria- hard when the kids actually like eachother, huh?
mamaof2-ah! the guilt spoil...maybe that's why he's like that?
Tony- hmmmm, public seems good enough. At least I'm not left cleaning up after him.
mamalee- thanks!

Melissa said...

I totally know what you mean. My very best friend is a wonderful person and I love her dearly, but when she and her son (who is 4 months older than Lucas) came to visit us for 4 days last summer, I was in total shock at how horribly behaved her son was. My mom and husband couldn't believe it either! When they flew home, we all made a collective sigh of relief.

She's been asking me for months now to bring Lucas to visit them, but I don't think I could bare to spend time with her son again.

It's a tough situation best handled by keeping the friendship just the 2 of you -- leave the kids out of the picture!