Thursday, March 29, 2007


It's interesting (read:funny) to watch someone who doesn't have children interact with kids. Blondie had a few clients coming in and her husband was too far to pick her son up from school and watch him while she had the meeting, so she brought him to the office hoping he would sit quietly while she had these papers signed.
He's six, and the fact that he's a BOY (read:active and unable to sit still) well, it wasn't going to happen.
The Shitter is in the office (as always) and he does not have children. He is married to a crabby old lady (probably why he's always here bugging me) and they have three cats together, more than enough for them.
The Shitter is trying to entertain the six year giving him Real Estate books to read...
The Shitter really asked the kid if he wanted to learn spanish. The kid asked him if HE knew spanish, The Shitter says "No, but I thought you could teach yourself by reading a spanish Real Estate book."
The kid was going to put a book away, and The Shitter tried telling him where it went, and the kid (like every other kid in the world) couldn't find where it went, The Shitter got all frustrated at the fact that the kid didn't listen the first time, and as he tried to explain to the kid where to put the book you could hear his voice getting a little louder and shaky...
Right now the kid is sitting quietly in Beantown's office playing on the computer, while The Shitter is probably rocking himself back to sanity in the corner of his own office...

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dennis said...

Ha! That is toooo funny :)