Monday, June 11, 2007


Yeah, i'm dead tired.
It's catching up to me now, the having a newborn and a toddler. Why haven't any of you told me how tired I would be? Why haven't any of you told me that no matter how good my daughter sleeps that my son will still wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and start crying for milk when I just laid down after feeding the baby?

Why haven't any of you told me that it doesn't matter if Daddy gets up with the baby that i will still be awake, making sure he's 'doing it right'? My anal ass still checks up on him when he's dealing with Little Man...I have to cut that shit out. I need sleep.

I need a babysitter for Little Man for a couple hours a day so I can sleep.
Because that's all I think about...

2 a.m feeding? My thoughts: if I put her down now I can at least sleep till six before she gets up again...and then maybe I can sneak a nap in before Daddy and Little Man get up...

2 p.m feeding? My thoughts: If I can get her and Little Man to fall asleep together, then maybe I can take a nap at least for a couple hours...

It's all I can think about.

I'm done worrying about the house.

The living room has been declared a disaster area.

The dishes need to be washed with a Hazmat suit on.
I don't think I've cooked in weeks...

And don't get me started on the mess in my bathroom due to the stupid leak that STILL hasn't been fixed. That water coming down is nasty.
The only thing I can do faithfully is take the garbage bag out of the garbage and put it out in the hall (for Daddy to throw away) because I can't take the smell of the diapers.

But hey, I bought some great looking sandals: you like? (don't mind the retarded way my toes look here, I was trying to balance one foot out and balancing is NOT my my stupid big toe looks like it's coming off the sandal. I am NOT one of those chicks that puts on sandals that do not fit...) Yeah, and don't point out that I need some polish because I know...I've been trying to book a pedi with my special person, and the bitch (my sister, hehehe) is always booked when I have free time.
So your homework assignment (for you folks with two children, or more, or even what you've seen or heard) is to WARN ME! Tell me what I'm going to go through. Tell me terror stories so that I'm not surprised when they happen to me. Tell me cute stories so I can remember to smile when they happen. Tell me EVERYTHING. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.


Pam, aka Zach & Brie's Mom said...

Just wait until between the two kids that 3 of the 4 things are happening at the same time:
-pooping (diarrhea, actually)

...and any of the two above are being rubbed on the carpet and/or walls. Now THAT'S motherhood.

Actually, in the magic age of about 8-9 months, Brie settled down at night and we got sleep again. No hope until then, actually.

creative-type dad said...

The waking up part deters my wife from having another kid.

I would suggest using paper plates instead of real dishes. That worked in my house.

Good luck

Maria said...

I have no workable comments simply because I only had ONE child and I honestly thought that I was going to lose my mind a few times there from lack of sleep.

The thought of TWO almost makes me shiver. I know how lovely they are and I am very sure that a better person than me will give you good advice, but I am the sort of person who does not do well with lack of sleep, so all I can do is wish you luck and tell you that your children are gorgeous.

sourpatchbaby said...

Sweet mother of God! Not the sleep! Not the sleep! I haven't slept a full night since I got pregnant with The Kid and now you're saying that they're going to gang up on me? Dear lord! Where's the benadryl?

Diana said...

Pam- oh MAN! The sickness in doubles! CRAP!!!!
Tony- I can see why it stops her LOL! Paper plates...def. in the next shopping trip!
Maria- Hey, a comment from anyone with children will work at this point, since apparently I forgot what it's like to have an infant..lack of sleep sucks ass.
SPB- ganging up? From what I hear this is nothing. A few of my aunts have shared horror figure they would have said something before...

Anonymous said...

Everything takes a backseat to those kids. i had 3 kids in 3 years. I was in a fog.

Try to rest, because if you aren't functioning, noone else is really doing a good job functioning. And it'll take a while for you to learn how to juggle everything. Take your days sometimes a minute at a time, never mind a day at a time.

And PLEASE let me know if you need to vent - we can phone each other. Seriously, just venting makes things feels a little better.


Now I'm an old pro!



nita said...

there is a reason i stopped at one. i'm quite well aware of my limitations.

ear plugs when you're 'off'. and accept help. from anyone. me, even! invite me and i'll come over and paint your toes and let you nap ;)