Monday, June 04, 2007

Typing with one hand...

...because I'm holding my daughter. (SQUEEEEEEAAAALLL!!!!)
Sorry, I'm still a little excited.

Girls are totally different than boys. Little Man hardly slept, was always attached to the boobage, would instantly fuss if he even thought I was going to eat...this one (she doesn't have a nickname yet...) she eats, sleeps and poops. Literally. Yeah, I know she's only 16 days old and it'll change, but Little Man was set in his ways as soon as we were released from the hospital. She is already having a lot of awake time, which I'm trying to keep during the day so she can learn to sleep at night so I can keep my sanity. Or find it again. Whatever.
She smiles so much, mostly with her Daddy (bastard!) and he loves every second of it. We have a new bet going on whether she will say Mommy or Daddy first, just as we had with Little Man. I lost the bet with our son...the kid said Daddy first in a moment of anger while I was changing his stinky diaper. Yep, he cried "Daddy!" in that pitiful way only a child can do... I'm hoping she lets me win my money back.

We are looking for a new place to live, since our place is very very small and already getting uncomfortable with her arrival. Little Man is staying in the bed with us (ugh...) and she is sleeping in the crib. When we move we're planning on buying Little Man a nice Spidey bed so he can actually sleep in it (he's got an obbsession with the spidey guy right now.) She will keep the crib, which is still in brand spankin' new condition since Little Man only used it for a year.

I can't believe the person this little girl has brought out of my husband. From the second she was out it was like he changed, he is softer and more affectionate. We have never been touchy-feely people, we don't say "I love you" to eachother too often, we cuddle once in a while...but now he's doing all of that more. It's crazy. The commercial is right, having a baby changes everything. Little Man had an effect on him, too, just not to this extent.

She is healthy and strong so far. We have her two-week appointment tomorrow to check her weight and all that good stuff, and hopefully everything is still great. She is a strong eater, already going for four full ounces in one sitting, every four hours like clockwork. I can set a schedule by her, while with Little Man I couldn't do ANYTHING because he would take in a little milk here and a little there, never getting full and always needing to be fed. She's going to be a drama queen, we already know. Besides her dramatic and overwhelming entrance to our world, she cries funny when she's hungry. How mean are we that we watch her cry while we hold the bottle instead of just giving it to her...with a smile on our faces. Yeah, we're assholes. But what she does is she cries a little bit, stops to see if we're watching or if she sees the bottle coming, and she lets out this little scream...I can't describe it. It's like she's yelling at me already. And we laugh.

She is going to look like Daddy, we think. She is already darkening up. So she is going to look like him and act like me while Little Man looks like me and acts like Daddy. Little Daddy is in love, too I forgot to mention that last night. His mother is pissed (who cares really?) that he wants to come over all the time to play with Little Man and see his new baby sister.

Okay, my back hurts from sitting here like this, so I'm done. Don't want permanent back pain over here... But I think I will be able to post more often, so watch out now! More boring New-Mommy-Again stories and photos from that wonderful digital I still haven't broken...LOL!


sourpatchbaby said...

Awww! It's so nice to have one of each. You definitely have to document everything with her so that I can be prepared and look up to you once this one comes since I know she'll be a girl. Re: the mil thing. Don't sweat it, it's not your fault or your problem, it's hers. I have a friend that his mother didn't even meet his son until the boy was a few months old and they lived right down the street. Old hispanic mils can be a pain in the butt.

Mama of 2 said...

I agree with you about girls being different. Girlie Girlie was nothing like Little Man. Not as a baby and not as a toddler and I imagine she wouldn't be as she continues to grow.

Hubby has changed when it comes to this one must be the daddy's little girl thing bringing out the softer side in them.

I am looking forward to all of your new mommy again stories. Bring them on.