Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just stuff.

This picture is going to get enlarged and put on the living room. It's funny how he looks so much darker than her, but he's waaaaay lighter than her. She's getting to be Daddy's color, but her hands are still my color. (You know, the fish-belly yellow...LOL!)
I love the face she was making at him here. He had just kissed her and she made the face.
So I'm tired. Surprised? I'm not, but man, the bags under my eyes can swallow you whole.
Daddy got rear-ended the other day. His neck and back are messed up, docs took him out of work for a week (YAY! I get adult company for a week!) and he's doped up on muscle relaxers and pain killers. The car is fine, it can obviously take a beating, but now he's set on getting rid of it. I just shrug, it's his car...as for my car, I want to get rid of it because I need something a little bigger and more comfortable. Thinking on maybe an SUV again, but the gas prices...grrrrrrrrrrr.

I may start the blogging for money thing again, but I'm not sure if I'm going back to PPP, there's another one I found that's less commercialy (is that a word?) and they offer pretty good money. I need money. Unemployment is giving me $80 less than I was making at work, and with two kids and rent, we are cutting it close. Too close for my comfort.
Oh, God my head hurts. Little Man has taken to running around and screaming his head off, by the end of the day my temples feel like they are going to pulse right off my face.


nita said...


man o man is she ever gorgeous! congrats and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Tuesday Girl said...

She is so cute! Seems like her brother loves her too.

I love her little bracelet too!! bling!

creative-type dad said...

WOW!! You had a baby---CONGRADS!!!