Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Laughable...but not really.

  • So the ceiling in my bathroom crashed down...into my bathroom. Nice huh? Selfish moved back in upstairs this past weekend after her drama a few months ago. She hired some half-priced contractors to re-do her kitchen and bathroom area (make the bathroom bigger and the kitchen smaller, she doesn't friggin' cook.) The thing is that the half-priced contractors are apparently half-assed workers, because besides the fact that they haven't been to the house to do any work since Thursday, they also left something leaking in her house that soaked my bathroom ceiling and sent the ceiling crashing. I hate being a renter, because i called Selfish to tell her and do you think they have come to fix anything? NO! And now I have dirty water leaking into my bathroom sink. It smells. Thank God we're planning on moving.

  • So I was online searching for ways to aleviate Daddy's back pain without him having to be so doped up...You guys have to read the second paragraph at this site, it's hilarious. I went and told Daddy his pain is psychosomatic and he told me all my headaches were pshychosomatic. So I was all intrigued at the site and started surfing...and God almighty if I didn't laugh hard at some things that were written there! Like the hyperventalating dog...seriously??? Call your VET!!! I can't say that a lot of the questions are not legit and well, not funny, but that one got my sides to hurt. But wait- here's another funny one...someone wants to make a cake that requires an OVEN using a microwave. HMMMMMMM?????? While the back question was really helpful, as are others, those kill me.

  • I think I need to think of better ideas to potty train my son. While he's peeing fine (with M&M's as a bribe of course) he still won't tell me when he has to poop. He's done it before (twice to be exact) but now he leaves it to me to discover it when he knocks me over with his stench. Ideas? Tips? Mind you the M&M's are only working for pee-pee, I've tried offering him more for poop but NOPE! Not having it!

And a gratuitous baby photo of Daddy making the baby smile and making me jealous:


Mama of 2 said...

Go check out my potty training 101 post...and let me know if you have any idea over that -- once you stop giggling.

AJW5403 said...

I do check on you quit offten but I had no clue you were pg. Can I just say OMG she is just beautiful!! A huge congrats to you and yoru family.

Tuesday Girl said...

Sometimes kids pee in teh potty way before they are ready to poop.

Just be patient. Maybe tell him when teh diapers run out he has to poop in the potty.
You may have to just wait until he is ready to poop.

creative-type dad said...

My daughter has been telling me after the fact. It sucks.

And then she hands me wipes when I'm wiping her butt.

I'm just about to take my grandmother's advice and stay home for 2 days and let her sit :30 after she eats for like an hour or two. She potty trained my brother and I, and about 5 of our cousins that way.

momsgoneloony said...

wIf you have time, I have tagged you for a meme...if you do not..don't worry about it. Take Care!