Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At home today...

The heat index for our area today is in the red zone, so I stayed. I know the sitter has an AC but I also know she would feel bad just leaving Little Man in the house all day, and she would let him outside. That is where the danger is, this stagnant air we have here right now is what triggers the attacks. So he's here destroying my home after it was pretty decently clean for a few days. HA. I'm doing all types of rain dances so these thunder storms will come and cool this place off already.
I will be writing here all day today. This is the end of the first entry, because they need to eat.
(Hey my layout is fixed YAY!)

***I did want to add - that new little box I have over on the top of the sidebar about the food allergies is NOT AN AD. I AM NOT GETTING PAID TO HAVE IT THERE. I joined the Kids With Food Allergies mailing list and they have the widgets available for anyone who wants to share them. I have it up because I don't know if anyone else knows anyone with food allergies but it's important to know what food are popping up with allergens. Like- my son is allergic to tree nuts and peanuts. Severely allergic. Guess what has traces of peanut oil in it?

  • Minute Maid HeartWise® orange juice is made with plant esterols derived from highly refined peanut or soy oil.

      Important label reading points: 1) Different varieties of the same product can have different ingredients. 2) Highly refined oils like soybean oil or peanut oil have an exemption from the FALCPA labeling law that went into effect in 2006. Manufacturers are not required to clearly label products with highly refined oils with the plain English terms of the common allergens "peanut" or "soy.

Nice huh? Who would have thought that orange juice would have peanut oil in it? I love their e-mails because it makes me aware of what's going on...otherwise I wouldn't know where to look. (Also I wouldn't give my son that type of OJ because it's really for lowering cholesterol...but still good to know.)

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