Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In the midst of my mental storm...

I still had promised pictures of my babies from the here they are: my Prince and Princess...enjoy! ... Here's my boy, I don't know, maybe he was doing a basketball shot?
Here is the Princess.
Here are my sister's step-children "hanging" outside with Little Man.
Here is Baby Girl pulling my hair... Here is the group shot: from the left: My cousin who is Little Man's Godfather, Daddy, Me and the kids, the priest, my sister who is Little Man's Godmother, my mother, Daddy's mother who was standing in for Baby's Godmother who couldn't make it, and my sister's boyfriend who is Baby's Godfather.
It was an event to remember, Little Man says in the middle of the service in a very loud voice "Can we go home now?"
There were more pictures taken, but I'm still waiting for everyone to e-mail them to me since I couldn't play photographer that day.
There a shot of Little Man picking his nose...classic! Can't wait to get it!


DD said...

You just need to sit back and soak in the cuteness and love that is in the pictures of your two lovies!

How big they both have gotten!

Maria said...

Ah...the classic picking of the nose shot....