Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It isn't Christmas without a trip to the ER

So how was YOUR Christmas???

Ours was a doozy. Christmas Eve was spent at my MIL's house, where everyone cheated and opened their gifts at 10 p.m. She had to work on Christmas (Hotels don't close on Holidays, you know. She is a supervisor, she got the stuck this year since she had last year off.) but still wanted to see all the kid's faces when they opened their gifts. It was nice, the dinner was delicious- would you believe there were STUFFED SHELLS there?!? I was in heaven, partly because they were so good and I didn't have to make them. My mother wasn't feeling well, so her Christmas Eve dinner was postponed till Christmas, which took a load off my shoulders because I really didn't feel like driving and rushing all around.
Christmas was...interesting. Little Man got to open his gifts on my bed since we never did put our tree up. I left the toy trucks for last since I knew he would run off with them and ignore everything else...which he did.
Getting ready for dinner at my mother's I sent Little Man to go shower with Daddy since everyone in the whole house seemed to be showering at the same time and there was very little hot water. I was in the bedroom getting Little Man's clothes ready when I hear a very loud thud followed by some very loud swearing and screaming from Daddy. I made it to the bathroom in three giant steps, hoping I didn't see Daddy or Little Man hurt. I pulled the shower curtain back and see them both standing there, but Little Man was crying, pointing at Daddy and saying "Daddy boo-boo!" I look at Daddy who was rubbing his shoulder and still swearing. "Take him out." he managed to say. I grab Little Man's towel and wrap him up, waiting for Daddy to tell me what happened. It turns out that Daddy had (for some stupid reason) reached out to grab something under the sink and when he was coming back into the shower he hit his shoulder on the corner of the mirror-the thing is that the mirror is an old-fashioned vanity mirror with the lights on top and a plug for you hairdryer or what-have-you-so he got a shock. I look at his shoulder and he had a nice-sized welt where he hit the corner, and it was swelling. "Get out of the shower" I said to him and went to dress Little Man. Little Man wouldn't let me dress him, he wanted to see Daddy and kept asking about Daddy's boo-boo. Daddy came into the room and laid down.
We decided he would stay home while I went to my mother's (I think that was his plan the whole time anyway. He knows I can't be around my mother without my head spinning, he does it on purpose...) and he would see how he felt. I didn't want to leave him alone, but he said he was fine. "Just going to sit for a while."
I went to my mother's where she and my sister gave Little Man enough gifts and clothes to make me need a whole new room in the house to fit it all. I fought with my mother. I ate very little. I went home. Daddy was sitting there watching t.v, said he was fine.
The next morning was a different story. He couldn't move. His shoulder was still swollen. "ER time buddy!"
Little Man went to daycare and off we went.
They thought he might have dislocated his shoulder with the combination of the force of the shock and the hitting of the shoulder, but thankfully that wasn't the case and his muscles are just really swollen and angry so he got sent home with muscle relaxers, some 600mg Advils, a sling, and a "Disablility Certificate" to be out of work for a week. (I have been making fun of him with the Disability Certificate since I saw it. I'm an asshole.)
Someone always has to get hurt on the Holidays, right?


Tuesday Girl said...

Ohhh! I hope he feels better soon, that is terrible.

I am glad your son had a great Chrismtas, that is what is all about, right?

Blonde Chick said...

Sounds like your son had a great holiday!

Doesn't sound like your husband's Christmas was quite as great! Hope he gets better quick... but I do love the "disability certificate" thing... I would SOOOOOO be playing that up if it was MY husband. Good for you!

Diana said...

tues- yes it is. Nothing like seeing their faces light up. And go figure, he actually got TIRED of opening gifts. Oh, to be a child again!
blonde chick-I've been using that thing for everything! I think I'm going to frame the thing!

Anonymous said...

Trucks and percocets for everyone! WOOHOO!!!

Take good care, my dear - don't YOU get sick now...


(hey, when do WE get to use a disability certificate???)

Anonymous said...

we had 2 people go to the ER for Christmas. One on Christmas Day and one on Christmas Eve. Hope you feel better soon!