Thursday, June 22, 2006

...and then my eyes just welled up...

My son is fucking deaf. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. Yesterday I was making dinner, and between checking on it and trying to straighten the living room up so it looks a little less lived in, I had to keep stopping to tell Little Man to stop throwing the not-so-soft Leap Pad Alphabet Ball around the T.V. Do you think he stopped? Come on, a prize for whoever guesses right...
Well he didn't.
Not to be materialistic or anything- but that T.V cost me and Daddy a LOT of money. (Well, a lot to us considering we never seem to have any.) It was our Christmas present to ourselves, nice flat screen with the speakers right on the side...I don't want the stupid Leap Frog Ball going through the screen. I took the ball and flung it into my room and dared him to go find it.
He did.
That, he heard.
But he didn't hear me later ask him to get off the floor (he was trying to shove himself under the couch), and then he didn't hear me scream it at him after asking him ten times.
Daddy asks him, he didn't even raise his voice The boy stopped and sat back on the couch.
I wanted to cry. What the FUUUUUUCK??????
I don't understand it. Maybe I should go work for the makers of the dog whistle, because my voice must be "unhearable" to humans.


Mama of 2 said...

Oh Diana,
I am so with you girl! As I am sure you can tell by several of my own similiar posts on this subject.

It drives me utterly up the wall how it's like my voice is no existent that is unless I am saying something my Little Man wants to hear like...'yes we are going to the pool' or yes, so and so can come over then my voice can be heard loud and clear.

I fee for you girl!

momsgoneloony said...

We all could make a fortune, we could be the new "Dog Whisperers" or something...LOL

JayMonster said...

Next time, don't raise your voice. Just move him, and put him in time out.

He may not "listen" (he is a kid after all) but he will "hear you" next time.

Melissa said...

It's called selective hearing, and most children turn it on when Mommy's are talking!

Julie said...

"He was trying to shove himself under the couch"....
Must be a boy thing.

SuperMom said...

Oh my gosh!! I SOOOOOOO relate!! I want to be Dad so I can be heard.