Friday, June 09, 2006

A conversation:

Daddy. Me.
Okay? Ready?

You know .T. told me that he hasn't slept with .I. for over a year...
What? How the hell did you guys start talking about that? Don't you think I would know better than to ask this question???
Well, he said she was leaving with the kids to visit her mother in Puerto Rico for two months and I told him he better make sure he gets some lovin' before she goes and he said he wasn't even worried about that...that he hasn't has sex with her since she was pregnant with the twins.
Daddy, the twins are TEN MONTHS OLD.
I know.
How can it be?
They've been together for like 9 years...I guess there at that point.
What point? The point where they STOP HAVING SEX? There is a CUT-OFF POINT???
Yeah, well...
Bullshit. So, okay, if there's a cut-off point, and they are there, then that means we're reaching our cut-off point, too...
He's laughing at this point, and we're both dramatically adding the time we've been together. He counts a whole year more than I do.
Stop cheating, you just want to cut me off sooner.
You're cheating, you just don't want me to cut you off.
Both laughing.
Whatever. So, just in case I forget the cut-off point you'll have to remind me like a few months ahead so I can start looking for a pool boy.
You can't have a pool boy, we don't have a pool.
I'm buying a kiddie pool for Little Man.


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Gotta try to keep it fresh. It may work, it may not....but try!

JayMonster said...

I highly doubt they are at the cut-off point, but with twin 10-month olds... time is almost certainly at a premium as is sleep.

You know what it is like with ONE child. Try it with two. (I of course only have one, and at 10 months, was fairly frazzled, so I can only IMAGINE what it must be like with two).

SuperMom said...


Hey, my word verification thing says "hefti".

I think it's mocking me.