Friday, June 23, 2006

State of Panic

"We interrupt your listening pleasure to inform you that your state is going into a State of Panic due to the horrendous Thunder Storms that are headed our way. There will be thunder and lightning and hail bigger than the one you saw the other day..."
That was a paraphrase to what was said on my "work station".
Here's my beef: They couldn't even warn me about the storms we had the other day until ten minutes after they HAD PASSED, but now they keep interrupting the music here to give us the Severe Thunder Storm- Get Your Asses Away From Windows warning, but the sun is still shining. I know, I know thunderstorms come suddenly and it's probably storming somewhere else, but they have the already stupid drivers of my state driving home as quickly as possible, endangering other people. (I'm watching them through the windows at my workplace, they really are in a frenzy.) My mother called me, the state college she works for has already closed their doors and sent all staff members home. Now she's worried about us. So she'll be calling me every fifteen minutes until I tell her we are home and didn't get into any serious accidents. Well, East Coasters, since we have about five days of non-stop rain ahead of us (most likely starting as soon as I walk out these doors and try to enjoy my weekend), I hope you guys don't get Cabin Fever. Wait, I hope I don't get Cabin Fever, either.
Well, have a good weekend guys. I've got nothing to write about today, as I've been busy getting three new agents and all their properties into our system. (One alone has eighteen, EIGHTEEN properties that had to be put into the system. Yes, I've been slammed.)
Until Monday. Where maybe I'll have a story of neighbors running into the street during the Hail Storm naked to get their garbage cans. That hasn't happened, but it might!

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Mama of 2 said...

Here's to hoping that the storms you are talking about don't last as long as you think.

I know I personally go stir crazy when I can't get out of the house. And really in a rain storm who wants to lug a baby and an 8 year old anywhere?