Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is there an Absent Father's Day?

Girl With Gum So I don't know what to do for Father's Day...for my father. He left when I was three...forgot birthdays and Christmas for years, and I swear he still spells my name wrong. My mother tries to cover for him saying that he spells it the way they were thinking of spelling it, but I think that's bullshit. Whatever. Anyway, a few years ago he bought me a car and I guess in his book, that made everything okay. Not in mine. Yeah, I make an effort to call him once in a while, and I actually called him on his birthday this year (see Dad, it's not THAT hard to remember a birthday...) but I don't know if I feel comfortable sending him a card or a gift to celebrate what he hasn't been to me for years.


Jen said...

Just do what I do. Send a card..not one of those smoozy cards, just a "Have a nice Father's Day" cards...and mail so it will arrive on Tuesday after Father's Day. Just as though it's a passing though. That's what I do...for birthday's too. It's sad, but....what do you do?

Tuesday Girl said...

Father's Day sucks. bottom line.

JayMonster said...

I wish I had some witty idea for this, but alas I have come up empty. jen's idea isn't bad though.