Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have a question for those who have an answer.


I've been thinking on putting ads here (have i said that before?) but I don't want to bother if they aren't going to do anything. I know I don't have too many readers, does that matter when placing ads? I just want some extra cash, really, because as I said in my "I want another baby" whine, we are finally comfortable. We get by. But we still only have one car, and Daddy's car is sitting in our yard red-neck stlye with no motor. All the pieces to the motor can be found in our yard, and some even in my house. (Yes I said IN, as in IN MY KITCHEN, AND HALLWAY. GRR) (SPM- I told you. I will have to take pics.) There are some misc. pieces that are needed to finish rebuilding the motor, we just can't afford to buy them AND pay the guy who is going to help Daddy with the motor. (Daddy is gifted when it comes to cars, but come on, a whole motor by himself?)
So any advice on making some extra money with this (Yes, supermom I will be checkng your site out) will be appreciated. Or I'll have start selling clothes and body parts on E-bay. I don't really need this appendix...


SuperMom said...

I don't know anything at all about those ads, but have wondered myself. I'm interested in seeing what kind of responses you get.

JayMonster said...

Can you make some money from the ads? Yes. How long does it take. Well it seems like forever. Unless you have a large readership, the volume of ads clicked will be small.

So don't bother? No I didn't say that. Something is better than nothing. But I wouldn't count on it for an additional revenue stream. At least not until you have a much larger readership (Still trying to figure out that one out myself).