Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It has been a veeeeeeeeeeery looooooong day....

  • I keep looking at the clock and I think it's going backwards.
  • Daddy's cousin's girlfriend sent me an e-mail that her modeling company is looking for infants to put in a show, so she asked me to let my SIL know. Why can't they be looking for almost-two-year-olds so I can put my Little Man in a show and he can have some money put away??? I asked her this and she laughed. I don't see the humor. I was being serious.
  • I had lunch at my desk today. Which is why the day is going in slo-mo. I didn't get the much-needed, much-deserved break I need away from these crazies.
  • Speaking of crazies, The Shitter has surpassed The Asshole in annoyance and stupidity. He is now the Great Hated One in my office. Details another time, because I'm sure I will be venting my frustrations out here. He is also the Idiot who always asks me where the Closed files are....so that should give you some insight on his stupidity. BTW-His nickname will be The Shitter because (if you saw the link) he does that EVERY DAY!!!! In the office!! Multiple times!!! If there is an agent here they will not go into the bathroom after him because they know he is The Shitter.
  • Is it five yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Nita, you still peeking in here? Drop me a line, let me know things are okay, m'kay? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?


Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

Sounds like a very appropriate nickname! How many employees to the one bathroom? Could be against building code...

Mama of 2 said...

Sounds like a day from hell!
We all can sympathize. I eat at my desk every day that I work but then again I get paid for my lunch so I guess you have to give something to get something right?

As for your new annoyance in the office. He's aptly named and can't wait to hear his feats in stupidity. I can certainly use the laugh.
Here's to having a better day tomorrow.