Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It's been beautiful all day today, sun shining, everyone walking around in shorts and smiling. I've been sitting here with my floor-to-ceiling windows having to witness it all.
The clock just struck five, the clouds came.
There was a loud bang- it was thunder.
It is now raining.

Updated next morning:
How the hell did we end up with a hail storm last night? We were at the babysitters getting the baby, when the sky literally cracked open and the rain was coming down like someone was holding a garden hose directly on top of us. You couldn't see a thing, and then on the drive home (which usually only takes five minutes) HAIL started coming down, pelting the windows, bringing down branches and causing zero visibility. Little Man wasn't scared, I was. Daddy was laughing, it was just ridiculous how bad it got with no warning. You couldn't even see where the sidewalk was because of all the sudden flooding. So half an hour later we get home, i turn on the news and there is nothing about the storm. Five minutes later it stopped raining. Ten minutes later they put a Severe Thunderstorm Warning on the screen for my part of the state. They're really on top of things aren't they?


Tuesday Girl said...

that is ALWAYS the way.

Mama of 2 said...

Most definitely happens here and it's always when Little Man is supposed to have a ball game that night.

momsgoneloony said...

That's how life is....when it's your turn to play in the sun, someone pisses on your parade...LOL