Monday, November 26, 2007

loyalty or money?

what is more important?
a week into starting my new job i am faced with this decision to make. do i stay with the department that hired me or do i move on to another department that is offering me more money, but with it comes more, much more stress.
the head of the dept that is now hounding me, let's call her Curly Sue, cornered me today to offer me the position. she said she has been interviewing but doesn't like any of them. hmmmmm..... she told me she is offering two bucks more. but one of the girls i work for used to work for her- for three years- and she told me that curly sue is one of those bosses that dumps all her work on you and disappears on a three hour cigarette break. but i used to work in an office for eleven people all by myself, so i know i wouldn't mind the workload, really.
i told curly sue that i couldn't just leave the she said she would ask the head honcho if she could take me on part time, 1-6, after my current 9-1 shift, because she really wants me to work for her. she just doesn't know how the pay is going t
o work, she doesn't want to give me a pay cut, so most likely they would see if they could raise my pay for the first job.
i'm thinking that if things got too complicated they would end up giving me an ultimatum about where i want to be...and i dont know if i can decide that right now. i love the girls i work for now, but then there's the money...
talk to me, tell me how you would handle this.


Mama of 2 said...

I will give you my 2 cents based on my own similar experience.

I left a job I loved (the private Country club with a boss who was more of a friend than a boss) to take a job that was closer to home and offering me about $2 more an hour.

In all honesty I really disliked the job. It was difficult for me to go to work some days I disliked it that much. If my current preschool teaching job hadn't worked out I most definitely would have been looking elsewhere for employment.
While I was working there I kept telling myself that the extra money in my paycheck was what we needed to get some bills paid off (which we were successful at) however it was difficult to go to work most days.

Guess my thoughts on the matter is while money is always a large factor in any decision we make there is also the flip side to consider -- things like the stress level, the relationships you are forming with your current coworkers and the old adage 'the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence'.

It's going to be a tough decision any way you look at it but all I can say is think it through on all levels not just the $$ one.

nita said...

money, money, money honey. and as long as curley sue wants you, bargain for even MORE money.

it's work. that's why they pay you. get paid a LOT cuz you know what can happen... :)

Bikini said...

I guess the question is if $2 more an hour is worth not enjoying your work and being away from your kids for longer (if you would then be working more hours as it sounds like).

$2/hour more for 30 hours is $60 a week (pre-tax!), or $240 per month. What do you need to do with that $240? Pay bills? Or buy shoes? If it's keeping the lights on and the house warm, then I think it's worth it. If it's just having some extra pocket cash, I would stay where you are and where you know you're happy.

But I'm risk averse and like having the "known" instead of the "unknown".

Maria said...

I'm a mercenary at heart. If the pay is a lot better and you think you can hack it, I say go for it. If it is a job you truly think you will hate, it just isn't worth it, though.