Friday, November 23, 2007

Nesting urges coming now...

Everytime I set foot in my house, I want to redecorate. Badly. Ever since we moved in we've been getting promises and promises that we're getting a new kitchen, a new bathroom, new counters...blah blah blah bullshit!
I'm tired of waiting.
Even our garage looks like garbage, and we can't even use it because the stupid door is broken. Daddy has been wanting them to fix our garage door so that we can #1- park our car in it and #2 so he can do his car stuff in there now that it's getting cold. No one wants to be outside in the blistering cold working on cars, and you know cars still need work done in the winter. Here is an example of our garage floor:
Gross, right? Cracked, chunks coming up that my son is always tempted to pick up and play with. Here are Daddy's dream garage floors :
Gorgeous, huh? It makes me wish we already owned our own house so we could get that garage floor installed. That floor is easy to clean so if any oil spills, just mop it right up instead of throwing dirt on it and waiting for the concrete to absorb it and just be stained forever. And it's appealing to the eyes, too. Not the boring gray tones we have going on. While I'm at it, I should start looking in to garage doors, right? And take it out of the rent?

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