Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Issue to ask for advice on:

Little Man has started biting his nails. That is the most disgusting thing...I hate it. My sister used to bite her nails and her finger tips were always so round and her nails...there was never any white left on them. It was a miracle if her nails reached the tip of her fingers at all. Thank goodness she stopped that...
Anyway, all of a sudden Little man bites his nails, and the skin next to the nail so he makes the skin on the sides of his fingers all irritated.
So if anyone has any advice- LET IT BE KNOWN!


sourpatchbaby said...

Hm....I know that they used to put aloe (the real stuff, grandma used to have a plant) on my thumb to stop me from sucking it. I think that they sell a clear "nail polish" that's specifically for nail biting. I think it's supposed to taste like earwax or something nasty to discourage the person from biting their nails.

Tuesday Girl said...

My son did the same thing a couple of months ago. It was terrible but it stopped one day as suddenly as it started.

I think that it was stress induced.

I tried to find that nail polish and never did.