Tuesday, November 27, 2007


  • I haven't-correction- WE haven't slept in a few days. Little Ms. Diva is teething and it seems that the teeth/gums are on a schedule to pulsate and torture my baby every. two. fucking. hours. So she wakes screaming...Daddy and I going to work in the morning has been oh-so-fun on three hours sleep. Tylenol and the stupid little pill things are not working. Whiskey is on the list of things to try. (I'm joking. Don't call the enforcements. Yet.)
  • Due to my non-sleep I've taken up drinking coffee at work. Well, it's two parts milk, one part coffee, and a pound of sugar. I don't DO coffee, the closest I get to coffee is a latte, and that mostly milk with a little espresso. So now I have coffee breath. Yuck.
  • The department calls conferences over the loud speaker. Today I thought I was hearing things when I heard "Conference at the coffee machine in ten minutes." I didn't think I had actually heard that correctly, so I thought nothing of it. Twelve minutes later when I had to take some papers across the department, they were really standing around the coffee machine having a conference. I just laughed. I thought it was hilarious.
  • I'm so tired it isn't even funny.
  • There were other things I wanted to put here and now I can't remember them. Because I'm tired. Can someone come rock my daughter at night so we can get at least five hours of sleep? Because Daddy and I are taking turns, and it's wearing us both out. Can't let her cry it out because we only have one bedroom, and if she wakes Little Man up in the middle of the night I will kill myself.


Maria said...

Ah...teething. I seem to remember freezing those little plastic rings and then letting Liv suck on them. The first teeth were the worst and then they got easier, though.

dennis said...

hey, at least you know when they call a conference at Starbucks..!

Tuesday Girl said...

try freezing a washcloth and homeopathic teething tablets. Worked wonders for me with my son.