Thursday, November 08, 2007

Some people just NEVER grow up...

So I've mentioned about a hundred and five times that Little Man's birthday party is Saturday (how I wish you all were close to invite, I'd rather have you guys there anyway, you'll see why after you read this...)
My SIL Selfless (the one I tolerate more than the other...) called us last night to wish Little Man a happy birthday and to tell us that my other SIL Selfish would not be attending the birthday party, nor would her daughters be there. Selfless told me that since Selfish and I had an argument (I was going to punch the bitch in her face, Daddy got in the way...) she didn't want her daughters around me.
My son is begging me for them to be there (and his older brother, who as far as I know he STILL isn't going to be allowed to come)
What kind of family values are we teaching these kids? The argument between me and the stupid SIL had nothing to do with the kids, why start trying to keep them away from eachother?
Stupid dumb fucks...
So know the only kids that will be at the birthday party will not be related. Not one. But my son considers them more family than his own family, how sad is that?
It makes me extremely grateful for the friends we have, because not one of them pulls any of this childish shit.
I can't wait for this birthday party to be over with.
Any of you feel like coming to RI for a day? You're more than welcome to the birthday party!


DD said...

You know we'd be there if we could.

This may take an act of selflessness on your end to make right and apologize to your Selfish SIL, just for the sake of your son. Tell her it's fine if the two of you can't get along, but that the children deserve to see each other as they are cousins.

If she still declines, then she comes out looking the bitch.

Mama of 2 said...

I have had a run in with a SIL on my hubby's side more than a few years ago. To the point that I will never again speak to her or be involved with anything that has anything to do with her.
However that being said I have never once stopped my husband or my kids from attending any functions where she will be present. Those people are still my husband and my children's family and they should be allowed to attend whatever they want as long as I am not forced to do the same.

I'm sorry for your Little Man but hopefully he enjoyed his birthday even without the family members present.

Rebecca said...

I wish I could come. I want cake!
I hope your Little Man had a wonderful time even without the stupid people.