Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Disaster

So our Thanksgiving ended up really nice, but it almost wasn't so. First of all i never wrote about the last argument Selfish and I had about three weeks ago. So I guess I should write about that first...
Well, one night Daddy and I got home and everyone was blocking the driveway. I was driving, and i was going to have to leave in the morning so I manuevered the car to park in front of Selfish's car, so she would still be able to get out in the morning. Keep in mind, my car is in FRONT of hers, not behind so I WAS NOT BLOCKING HER OR ANYONE. 7 in the morning she sends a text to the cell saying 'if you aren't going to use the car in the morning don't park like an asshole.' I was NOT going to let this chick speak to me like I was five, especially since I knew I wasn't blocking anyone so I sent a text back saying 'I am going to use the car so don't talk if you dont know.'
I didn't swear. I kept it simple. Tell me why this chick really came downstairs to complain to Daddy like a five year old. Daddy was upset to have gotten woken up in the first place but he went to the door and told her to keep her voice down (she was shouting. At 7 am) and not to be pounding on the door because the kids were sleeping. She said "I don't give a fuck about your kids." Daddy turned all shades of red. You cannot talk about his babies. And this is his sister. He started telling her to get out, but she wouldn't and she started talking shit about me. I held myself as much as I could but there was something she said that I flew off the bed and was running towards the kitchen because I was gonna kick her ass. Yes, me. I was going to punch her right in her mouth. As I was walking towards the kitchen (running, whatever) I was saying "Why is it that this bitch is always talking shit..." but Daddy was already shoving her out the door telling her to get the fuck out. She was saying "Ive been waiting to kick her ass...." and I'm screaming at her (at 7 am) to come do it, how sick of her I was and how lucky she was that Daddy closed the door and was standing in front of it. Because he was. He didn't want me to open it and give her the ass whooping she needs. So she was screaming through the door all kinds of bullshit...who cares. Daddy sent me back to bed (i felt like a teenager again, i swear it.) and told me to forget about it.
I tried.
But everytime I thought about the things she was saying, my blood would boil and I wanted to go right upstairs and pound on her door....ugh.
So whatever, she made up stories about what i text back to her making me look like a bad guy, but as stupid as I know she is I locked the messages so nobody would be able to tell me what was said and what wasn't. Daddy already knew what was what.
Look I'm getting upset just thinking about it...
Two days before Thanksgiving she sends a text saying "Daddy and his children are invited to my house for Thanksgiving and only them." Daddy had the phone in his hand when she sent that message and he erased it before I could see it because he knew it would have just made me go over the edge. He took two hours to even tell me what it said, and it was only after we were very far from the house and when he was sure he was holding the phone so i wouldn't call her to say anything. "I'm not going, so don't worry about it" he said to me.
"That's not the point. The point is that she already says I'm keeping you away from your family, and this is just going to add fuel to the fire." I sadi.
"Don't care. if you can't go I won't go."
"Don't care."
So that's why we did the dinner at home, and then went to Friend's In-Law's house for dessert. We didn't spend Thanksgiving with our families for the first time ever. And I know Christmas will be the same. And I hate it. I don't know what I did wrong. Daddy's mother says Selfish is just jealous because supposedly he doesn't spend any time with his family anymore and she thinks it's because of me. She thinks I tell him not to talk to his family. Sorry, but Daddy is a grown ass man, i'm not holding his hands behnd his back telling him not to call his family. I talk to his mother more than he does. So that's that.
Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday. We're going to my MIL's for dinner, she's cooking him his (and my) favorite meal- GOAT! (Yes, i like goat, and it's only because one day she cooked and i thought it was some kind of beef and after I ate her and Daddy were laughing and THEN told me I had just eaten goat.)

So there's some venting from me.
I'm just shrugging my shoulders at everything now.



Mama of 2 said...

I'm so very sorry about the horrible Thanksgiving experience. I wish I had some words of wisdom in dealing with this whole situation but unfortunately I don't.
I have had my own issues with a sister in law and to this day I can still feel my blood boil when I think too much about what transpired.

My best advice is stick to your guns, keep your wits about you and however you choose to handle her remember that as long as you are still able to look yourself in the mirror and be proud of the person you are you've won and she's lost.

Good Luck

sourpatchbaby said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with such a crazy SIL. If you want, I can make a couple phone calls and she could go swimming with the fishies, lol. As to the goat, have you had it guisada with yuca instead of rice? OMG, there's nothing better than that. But the yuca has to be so soft it practically crumbles on your fork with lots of raw onions on top, drool...