Friday, November 16, 2007

Almost time for New and Improved Diana Snark!!!!

I got the job!!!!
Come dance the happy dance with me!

Okay, so it's bitter-sweet since it IS a temporary position, I'm covering for someone's maternity leave, but (quoting Daddy) what if I kick so much ass that they decide to keep me??? (Yes, he really said that.) (Don't get me all excited like that, Daddy, that's just cruel.)
I kicked ass in the interview, I even surprised myself! The HR woman I met with first was okay she was a little quiet, and believe it or not I don't think she's ever interviewed anyone before. She seemed more nervous than I was. So she walked me to the next building over (huge industry) to where I would be working and left me with the two women I would be working for. They. Were. Awesome. They made me wish I was getting this job permanently. Five minutes into the interview they looked at eachother and one said (no nicknames "So do you want her to start right now? Because I do!" I gave myself an inner hi-five, I knew I had it in the bag. So I start Monday, working 9-1, sometimes later depending on how much work I have. Oh, and the department I'm working in is a chemical testing area. People walking around with white lab coats and beakers full of bubbly stuff.
Here's the funny twist in the plot- as I was filling out the backround check paper that they handed me before the interview even started, I had to give the number and address to my previous position. I did so without hesitation, but on the drive home I decided to call Head Admin to make sure Bossman wouldn't shit on me and tell them something bad. (Remember I still don't know if he's mad at the way things worked out with my daycare sitch.) Head Admin told me how funny it was that I called, she was just about to call me. (huh?) Turns out Foreclosure Guy (awesome guy that worked in my office who never got on my nerves, so I never wrote about him) needs a personal assistant. He is extremely busy seeing as how mortgage rates are going up, lots of people are losing their houses so HIS business is soaring. He has too much work...and she actually told him I was still looking for a job... so sometime in the next month he should be calling me to negotiate salaries...hopefully. So even if this awesome new job is only temporary I will probably (hopefully) be able to already have another job lined up. Hell, if he wants me to work through the holidays, I'll do both, because working for him will most likely be from home anyway, so i could do it at any time. I will probably have to get a fax machine though...
Well, thats that.
Thanks for your well-wishes.
I'm so happy about this I'm not going to let the new argument with Selfish even work its way into this post. I'll leave that for another day when I want to write angry. She can't bring me down.


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Mama of 2 said...

WOW!!! how awesome is all of that!! I am so happy for you Diana. I can't wait to hear all about your new job and the possibility of another. Great Going!!

sourpatchbaby said...

whoo-hooo! Shweet! Don't forget to name all the people at your new job and tell us all about it!