Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three days in...

So work is awesome. Easy stuff, I don't have to answer any phones, I just do paperwork all day and it's mostly billing. The two women I work for are sweethearts. The only person who has already gotten a nickname from me (a mental-meant-for-blogging-one) is the guy who keeps his food on my window. See, my office is right outside of one of the labs and right next to the door is a window to see into the food or drinks in the lab so he sets his 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew and his apples or oranges right on the window. He's Snackman. It doesn't bother me, it just made him the first nickname earned. There are many scientisits there, obviously, but they are cool. One of them, who I'll end up working with when he needs help, he's really funny. He's been the one telling me who is a bitch and who is nice. The girls didn't want to tell me because they don't want to spoil 'it' for me. So he's the!
Funny how things work out: my first day I found out that the girl whose place I took is one of the girl's my heart sank and i thought 'well, there goes any chance of this becoming permanent...' but then the sister told me that she didn't have plans to return. So that's cool. Another thing is that another woman is offering for me to go to her dept. full time, but I hear she's a monster to work for...but she looks like she interviewed some people today and might have found her person. I'm okay with that, because I'm already pretty familiar with the job I have to do and I like it. What sucks major ass is that I don't have any internet at work. (BOOOOOO!!!!!)
Little Man was happy to go back to the sitter, right now he's actually asking to go back to her house to play. The baby cried the first day, less the next and less today. She'll get used to it. She has to, Mommy isn't always going to be around...that sounds cruel doesn't it?

So I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Fill up nice, forget the diets. Enjoy family time.


Mama of 2 said...

Sounds like a great start. I hope this job does end up being permanent for you. Sounds like you have a good fit...expect for the lack of internet access. That's how it was at my previous job and it sucked.

creative-type dad said...

It does sound like a good beginning.
Pretty funny that the guy is the gossip.