Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I turned into a whiny brat!

LOL! DAddy and I went to the mall with Friend and Big Guy (her husband) and the kids. The mall has three floors, and it is HUUUUGE. We did laps around the third and second floors, by the time we were getting to the first floor, I was DONE. The lack of sleep that I'm going through is killing me, my body gets so weak so quickly it's unbelievable. We came across these massage chair and i sat my ass down QUICK. Oh. My. GOD. I was in absolute heaven, the technique of the chairs was so realistic it felt like real hands. It imitated the kneading and compression that you would feel at a massage place. I kept changing the settings, changing the intensity on different parts of my back. I could have fallen asleep there.
It had to end sooner or later, and when it did I turned to Daddy and whined "I want one!" in my best Little Man impression.

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