Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two Weeks Notice

I sent my resume and filled out an application to Big Time Insurance Company- can't say their name, you know how that goes. But their logo is the word "IF" in some commercials...and in others it's Snoopy. If you figured it out then you're awesome. If you didn't, just watch a few hours of t.v, one of their commercials is bound to pop up.
So BTI has 4 open full time positions at a very nice salary, paid training, bonuses for the stupidest things-but bonuses nontheless-, sick days, paid vacas, great benefits...a dream job.
I'm hoping to hear from them ASAP.
Bad thing is I'll be having to give my two weeks at the Lab, and I love it there but the money isn't cutting it. I've already spoken to a friend of mine who would love my job at the Lab, and if they allow me to find and train my own replacement then I'll bring her in to do my job.
But I've come to peace with it in my mind, the quitting thing. I'm not good at quitting... but I have a family to think about and a bank account that has seen more cobwebs than an abandoned warehouse.


Mama of 2 said...

Good Luck with the BTI company. I will be thinking about you and hoping that it turns out for the best -- in all areas.

dennis said...

Best of Luck!