Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let's take a vaca...

Turn into Calgon and TAKE ME AWAY!
You know those commercials that say they can find you discount hotel prices and you can still stay at an awesome hotel...? Do you ever believe them? I never know what to think...
but I did see some stuff in Italy that if I were to ever go to Europe, I would look into it and hope that the commercials are for real.
There are deals for hotels in Italy, for when you just want general dealos and maybe just want to travel around.
Stay in a hotel in Milan, go to the jazz festivals that get the city rocking in November. Or go to the famous opera house, La Scala when they open their doors in December. Who wouldn't want to go to an authentic Italian Opera?
Find a hotel in Venice, drink in the culture. Buy some couture dresses, got o Fashion shows.
Or, the best one of all- stay in a hotel in Rome, the Eternal City, around Easter time so you can visit the Vatican when the Pope comes out to bless everyone. Visit the Colosseum, take in all the beautiful sights and monuments that u only read about in History books and see on the travel channel.
There are plenty of trains and bues to take you on tours around the cities. Beautiful, pleasant climates will make you enjoy your sty even more.

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