Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maybe NOT two weeks notice...

So I may not go to BTI.
Turns out that the position I had turned down before, the full time one with Curly Sue, is going to be open soon. The girl Curly Sue had hired, which is Hot Mess, is going to be fired. Curly Sue pulled me aside yesterday to tell me that Hot Mess is just not working out and she wanted to know if I was still interested in some extra hours. Curly Sue told me that she actually doesn't need anyone full time, so I would be doing part time in the afternoons, but it would be like full time to me since I would still working for Carebear and Lexus in the morning.
I like the company I workor, it wasn't like I was looking to leave because I didn't like them, it was just because we need the money. Which brings me to tell you that if you're not happy that I'm doing some ads again, I apologize. Daddy got cut down to 28 hours at work, and I'm still only doing 20. So until I get the extra hours, and Daddy gets back up to 40, you may be seeing some of those ads. Again, I'm sorry. Any little extra cash helps out, you know?

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