Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taking the easy way out?

I got an ab machine for Christmas, a gift from my mother. While Daddy joked ("What is she trying to say? Ha, ha, ha!") I called her that night after I used it for the first time to thank her and thank her.
While I am here, busting my ass (or abs!) trying to lose these fifteen/twenty pounds that I can't seem to get rid of, HOPING that I CAN get rid of them, I know that there are people that losing the weight-in most cases MORE weight- doesn't come so easy. No amount of exercise or dieting seems to help, so they need a better alternative. I've asked Daddy what he would think if I decided to get plastic surgery? I would travel to Beverly Hills, California to get the Star Treatment of Plastic Surgery.
Or what about my newly saggy boobies? Maybe a lift? Maybe an enhancement? I mean at 25 I don't think I should be lifting these things as much as I do, LOL! I probably wouldn't enhance them, I would most likely just get a lift. I never really had big boobage while I was growing up, I was a B at best, but my son's pregnancy gave me a nice full C. I was proud. My baby girl, on the other hand deflated my son's I would want them the way they looked after I had my son.
As for the people that cant just use an ab machine opt for a liposuction. Why not? Gets rid of the fat you want to get rid of anyway, just faster. I mean I wouldn't go to a third world country and get this done- but in California, where all the movie stars get it done on a daily business, I say go for it. Why not? If I had more than my twenty pounds to lose I would do it. Get me some Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery!

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Amanda said...

right there with you. as soon as we can afford it (red: after my master's degree...) I will be getting that mommy job.