Thursday, January 24, 2008

Waiting to move...

We're going to move when we get our income tax return. Finally I can get away from his stupid sister and her childishness...finally I can have room to put the kids in their own room and be able to have my own room (okay, our room, whatever. I decorate it, it's mine dammit!) however I want it.
Little Man's allergy and asthma specialist tells me that it would be a good idea to have a ceiling fan installed where ever he sleeps so that the air can circulate. Without being able to get on certain sites at work, I am limited to what I look at. So I look around at sites to give me ideas as how to decorate.
I've found a site that has ceiling fans and I'm trying to figure out which one I want for the kid's room. So far it's between this fanimation fan, the one called Fargo. I know it's not a ceiling fan, but it would go nicely on a nightstand or a dresser. I just like the weird way it looks, it doesn't look like a contemporary fan.
We can also go with a more modern ceiling fan, but the looks of these make them look more like something I would put into a kitchen since they look like they go well with stainless steel. They do look like they would be easy to clean, though which is a good thing. Grab the duster and pass it once!
I fell in love with the hunter fans, two in particular, the Coronado and the Royal Palm. Something about them makes me think of being on a nice enclosed deck, with a sexy cabana boy waving some giant palm leaves at me with I sip on some margaritas.
Any opinions?


sourpatchbaby said...

Don't forget that we'll be getting the extra check from the government this year.:) the 1200 per couple plus 300 per kid.

That should help you decorate the new place :)

Diana said...

oh, yes my mother mentioned that! I'll be adding that money to the 3 bed bath & beyond gift certs i got for xmas at work! i cant wait to decorate!