Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm not going to be much fun for a while. I guess I'll warn you now so if you don't come back to 'check in' I'll understand.
I'm not doing well.
Not at all.
I feel like an imploding building, the ruins falling all around me, in me...
I wish I had someone (a real true life friend) here right now.
All I have is my son who I don't want to see me cry.
And it makes me cry harder.

He left while I was at work today. We sold my car yesterday because it 'would help us save money and we could survive on just having his car until i found a better one.'
But he left.
We had a fight.
And he left.
He. Left.
When i go home today his clothes might not be there.
They will be at his mother's house, because his sister called me to tell me that was where he went.
And me and my son will be home alone, with no car. No way to get anyhwere, and what will I tell my son when he asks for his Daddy?
Someone help me...


Rebecca said...

Oh honey, I am so sorry. I wish I could give you a hug right now.

momsgoneloony said...

Damn...I am sorry, I'll kick my crazy ass husband out and you can come here and we'll be bloggin' roomies raising their kidz..wanna? Seriously, if you need to email me or I'll call you or whatever (email me the # or you can email me for mine) let me know. I am so sorry...did he at least leave you the money the car sold for? Let me know if you need anything,k? I'll do my best to get it for y'all.

DD said...

Would it be possible for your son to call his Dad and ask him why he's not at home?

Oh, hon. I'm so sorry about this, but more sorry that you don't have someone close to you to turn to for support.

Maria said...

I'm sighing here...mostly because I don't know your husband well enough to know if this is very serious, mildly serious or just a passing very bad time.

Call him. All you have to say is "I don't have a car. Do you have any suggestions on how we can figure out what comes next?"

Maybe in his anger, he bolted without thinking it through?

Hang on. Just hang on.

Mama of 2 said...


I don't even know where to begin. I would love to give you a shoulder to cry on and if you need a friend please e-mail me and I can give you my phone number.

I'm so very sorry sweetie. I am in total shock. What happened? Is this why you were in a funk lately?
I will do whatever I can for you. I have come to regard you as a friend through your blog and mine and I will be here in whatever capacity you need me to be.

Hug your Little Man for me and then hug yourself.

Blonde Chick said...

Like everyone else already said, I'm also very sorry for what happened.

I think you need to call him-- NOW-- and very calmly tell him you and him need to sit down together and have a discussion. You have no vehicle, and the two of you are responsible for a very adorable little boy. It needs to be a joint decision how things will proceed from this point forward.

**HUGS** And feel free to email me if you need anything.

Cheap said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm not sure what else to say, other than I hope everything works out.

dennis said...

Diana, this is awful. It is such a sad situation. I cannot begin to...

All I can do is send you happy thoughts and pray. If you need to talk someone's ear off, the Playground is open to you.

sourpatchbaby said...

I'm so sorry. Is this one of those final, never again he left or could this be worked out? Just take all the time you need to sort yourself out. We will be right here with open arms waiting for you. I just wish there was more we could do for you right now.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post yesterday, but the letters for the verification wouldn't show themselves. I'm here now. If you need to talk, please let me know and I'll give you my #.

I'm sorry to hear this. xoxo

Iris said...

I am so very sorry. So very sorry. I know how that feels. I have been there.

I am not going to give you any advice, as there really isn't any. Just know that if you write it, we will read it.......and the writing is cathartic....I know.

Check out some of my posts over at Imperfect Perfections Especially the one about Toxic Relationships... and there are several more about self esteem and relationships

Zach & Brie's Mom said...

Wow. Sending big ol' internet hugs to you, including The-Awkward-Hug-of-a-Three-Year-Old, which are the best. Give your Little Man a hug.

Email me if you'd like to talk on the phone.


nita said...

man, the things i miss when on mental vacation.

you have my email, e me and i'll give you my number. i can always come over for a visit (finally!) ...

we have an excellent couples counselor. kids change so many things ... i hope it works out the way it should for you ... xxxx