Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Passed down

I talk in my sleep. All the time. It's actually gotten better, I used to sleep walk, too, but that has stopped. I used to scare the shit out of my sister (we shared bedrooms till she went away to college) because I would stand on my bed and start singing in french. (I don't know french, but she was studying it in school and she understood me. This is what she tells me, anyway, and I call her a liar.)
I once tried to open our front door (we lived on a third floor at the time) and my mother started putting chairs in front of my bedroom door so she would hear me if I got up.
Nice, huh?
It stopped for a while, like when Daddy and I first started living together. Then I got pregnant and it started all over again, full force.
Daddy would tell me that I was helping someone prepare mixed drinks, I was having a phone conversation, I was telling someone about a dog I saw...
my brain never stops working, no wonder I'm always so tired.

Well, I seem to have passed this wonderful trait to my son. There was one time he was sleeping, I was laying next to him watching t.v, and the volume was very low because Daddy was already sleeping and I was waiting to get tired. I heard my son sigh and say "Cars..." but I figured I was hearing things.
Then there was one night I had put him to bed and I was cleaning my kitchen and I thought I heard him call out for Daddy, who was in the living room. I told Daddy to go see what he wanted, but Daddy looked at me weird when he came out of the room and told me I was crazy, the boy was sound asleep. He called out for Daddy again, this time I poked my head into the room and the boy was holding his own conversation with Daddy. It was hardly understandable, this was when he was talking less English and more Chinese. I went and told Daddy about it, Daddy says "Nice thing for him to get from you." and I say "Fuck you."
Last night someone was in my son's way apparently, because he said "Watch it." I was not fully asleep yet, and I lift my head to look at him and, yup, sleeping soundly.
I kinda wish he didn't get this from me, since I know how much my mother didn't sleep because of it. I'm going to worry a whole lot when he gets moved into his own room.
Is locking him in too harsh?


Mama of 2 said...

Isn't that always the case -- our kids get all our worst traits.

That just bites!

Maria said...

I had a cousin who did the same thing. He spent the night at our house once and I heard these noises in the middle of the night. So did my mother. We got up to find him urinating in our hamper. When I asked him what he was doing, he looked at me with these weird glassy eyes and said, "Whatsa matter? You chicken?"

He is married and lives in Houston now. Every time I see him, I tease him. His wife tells me that he still sleep walks but has not caught him peeing on anything. Yet.

I think that is so interesting that you do that. Does your husband ever try to talk to you? If so, do you answer?

Anonymous said...

My daughter talks like that. Sometimes yells in her sleep, too. I have to constantly check on her to see if she really is in distress. Nah, sleeping.

And yes, this is your fault. LMAO


dennis said...

when I was student teaching, I had a girl in my class that needed all of 3 hours of sleep per night to function.

She was straight 'A' in every club type of student.

She would stand by her mom's bed for hours every night waiting paitently for mom to wake up so she could continue the conversation they were having when mom went to bed...

Melissa said...

Isn't it amazing what our kids can inherit? I just posted about that tonight!