Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's raining ice-ice baby!

Mama Lee feels my pain right now. Huge Noreaster coming our way! Get milk and bread! Make sure you have candles! Stay indoors!


Over here we had an inch (if that) when I got up this morning. Then it turned to rain, and it's freezing up causing everyone who dared to go to work to go into a frenzy. I'm at work, Daddy's at work, Little Man is at daycare. Or he will be until my sister goes to get him- because now they're shutting down and getting the kids home before the roads really freeze up. My boss doesn't care, neither does Daddy's so we're both in it for the day. I wish I had brought my car, I would have used that as an excuse to leave work early. (I have bad tires, Daddy dropped me and Little Man off today.)

So instead of the million inches of snow we were told about, we got about three inches of ice on the roads to deal with. Nice.


Anonymous said...

I hope you all get home safely!!

Maria said...

I truly hate it when the weather is half ass. I want to either stay home or go to work and not worry. I hate the go-to-work-and-look-obsessively-out-the-window days.

Mama of 2 said...

Well lucky for me the last two days of winter weather hell here in my neck of the woods were actually my days off. Someone upstairs must like me.

But I did spend at least an hour if not more strapping the inch thick ice crust that encircled my jeep -- with a now defunct credit card no less since I couldn't find my darned window scrapper anywhere.

I too hope you got home safely as did daddy and Little Man.