Thursday, February 15, 2007

How would I have explained THAT one?

Last night we ran out of any beverages Daddy might like. (Have I mentioned how picky he is? God, it's like having a kid! and Little Man isn't picky!) In the fridge was: Orange juice (which he can't drink because the acid makes his tummy hurt. Big baby.) Juicy Juice, punch flavor (that's the baby's and it's gross anyway. I won't even drink it unless it's all that's in there. But Little Man loves it.) and Milk (Not in the mood for milk). "Do you want to go to 7-Eleven to get something to drink?"
Not really. Crap, I have to start my car to try and melt some of that ice off...and I'm going to have to remember to get him his own ATM card...oh wait, never mind. Bad idea.
"Whatever. Wait." If I wasn't so scared about what the hell came out of the faucet I would have given him faucet water, I have to remember to buy a filter when I go to Wally World (WalMart) today.
So I went outside to start my car, came back in and sat back on the couch. I left the two defrosts on (front and back) and waited another half hour before going outside. The ice was so thick it didn't look like the defrost was doing anything. So I left the car on while I went to 7-Eleven in Daddy's car. When I got back, I didn't feel like coming back out again later so I started stabbing at the ice with Daddy's car key. Some of it was actually coming off, thanks to the help of the defrost, but I was getting burns on my hands from the ice. (Gotta remember to buy gloves, too.) I didn't think until later that I could have broken his key... oooops! He doesn't need to know what I used to get the ice off...I also have to remember to go into the basement and see if my ice scraper is down there. Why is it that those things are always in the way but disappear when you need them the most?

This morning he cleaned my car off before we went to work. It rained more ice last night, and the sheet of ice was back, and like a bounty commercial it was STRONGER AND THICKER THAN EVER! He didn't use his car key...


creative-type dad said...

That's crazy!

Starting the car and letting it defrost - what kind of world are you living in, because I don't want to visit such a place... :)

Diana said...

East Coast Tony! Stay away you'll hate it! I have to start my car- every morning- twenty-thirty minutes before i leave to work. That's where most of my gas goes, in the defrosting of the car, because I work relatively close to home, but not close enough to walk!

Mama of 2 said...

I suggest a credit card next worked wonders on my own ice encrusted vehicle yesterday...(as I am sure you read) but it wasn't so great for the card. LOL!