Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What level is YOUR husband on?


Because I think mine will always be stuck in the sports car section...
Daddy got a new (to him) car. We're finally back to having two cars. No more fighting over who has to go where and when and "Why can't you remember that I get out of work at five NOT FIVE TEN???"
Pictures soon, I hope. (I still haven't fixed my phone.)
As for Little Man? He only wants to ride in "DADDY'S CAR!!!" I picked him up from daycare yesterday only to have him kicking and screaming because he saw I came in my car, and he wanted to be in DADDY'SCAR DADDY'SCARDADDY'SCAR!!!!!


dennis said...

the imps would rather ride with wife.imp because she "drives faster than daddy"


Diana said...

sorry dennis.

Mama of 2 said...

both hubby and I are in the SUV verison of your picture. I can't bring myself to be a minivan mom. As a long standing gear head I just can't do it. LOL!